Meet The Team Leaders


+ Kelly McDonogh, CPA CGA – Accounting and Tax Manager

While most business professionals feel stressed out or overwhelmed when they hear the word “audit”, but Blue Sky Accountant Kelly McDonogh embraces it as an opportunity to show CRA the quality of your books. With two decades of experience working in the accounting world, it’s difficult to surprise her.

Still, Kelly loves a challenge. At Blue Sky, Kelly enjoys the opportunity to work with clients of all industries and backgrounds, helping them improve results and support the proprietary value of their business. She looks at each account like a puzzle to solve, and she goes above and beyond to ensure her clients feel confident and comfortable with every decision they make. When it comes to working with CRA, Kelly knows exactly what to look for and how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Even in high school, accounting was always a subject that came easily to Kelly. She remembers managing her parents’ tax returns and answering all of their compliance-related questions. Now a mom and wife herself, the word “balance” has taken on a whole new meaning as she strives to excel in both work and life. She’s here to help our Blue Sky clients achieve the same.

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+ Coleen Burr – Office & Customer Service Manager

Blue Sky Office Manager Coleen Burr has always loved working with people. With an extensive background in employment counseling and service management, she’s a natural at coordinating workflows, troubleshooting problems and meeting tight deadlines. Coleen has been working at Blue Sky since its infancy. Here, she does a little bit of everything: managing quarterly bookkeeping, payroll filings, as well as corporate and personal tax returns.

Coleen has a keen interest in working with small businesses. When a client comes to her with a problem, she’s eager to get them what they need and put their mind at ease. The best part of her day is knowing she made a difference for a client. Working at Blue Sky allows Coleen to deliver high value on a budget. Clients come to Coleen because they know she’s resourceful, and she always finds a way to take care of their every need.

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