Meet The GM

Ken Bowers GM.png

 Hi, I’m Ken Bowers, CMA, General Manager here at Blue Sky, and I’m a serial entrepreneur. Let me tell you a little more about how I got here… 

Pursuing a career in entrepreneurship makes sense to me because it pays in the currencies I value most: independence, flexibility, and accountability to my values (instead of someone else’s). 

But it hasn’t always been this way. 

I started my first business at age 16, although it was more out of necessity than passion. I wanted a cool car and needed the money to pay for it. My family had just moved to North Carolina and I had the wrong kind of visa, meaning I couldn’t work. So I borrowed an old truck and a lawn mower from a neighbour and started contributing to the teenage underground economy with my own landscaping business. 

However, I didn’t return to the world of entrepreneurship until decades later, when I decided to open up my own small business accounting firm in 2011. 

I took a different path than most accountants. 

I studied accounting, economics and finance at North Carolina State, but I didn’t go after my designation right away. 

Instead, I launched a career in the corporate world, putting on a suit every morning for 25 years and working my way up to eventually become the head of finance and accounting for several companies; both large and small. This experience presented me with a high-level view of how business works, and gave me exposure to dealing with the challenges small businesses face. 

Over time I realized the conventional 9-to-5 path just wasn’t for me. I started thinking about the ways I could channel my passions for numbers and helping others into a pursuit I’d find more professionally fulfilling. 

I could see there was a significant gap between what was available to larger corporations and small business. Small businesses are impaired by the lack of capital, and they struggle to achieve the skill sets needed to drive their success. I vowed I would find a way to bring these secret weapons to small business, which in turn would help strengthen the employment and culture of our Canadian town. 

This is where the idea for Blue Sky was born. 

I took the leap in 2011 and I haven’t looked back. In fact, I’ve launched and helped launch a number of successful business ventures since then (hence the serial entrepreneur confession). 

Every day, I get to meet new clients and selfishly share in their passion for their business. I find this work intoxicating. Nothing puts a sparkle in a person’s eye like talking about their children or their own business. It’s a privilege to be included in that energy. 

I’d love the opportunity to help you reach your goals for small business success.