Year in Review: How to Measure Your Successes to Make Way for New Ones

January represents a chance to start anew. To turn over a new leaf and go back to the drawing board with fresh perspective. So far, 2019 is the most successful year you’ve ever had—but in order to maintain that course, you have to measure the successes you experienced last year.

 The success you achieve this year will come from constructing a plan of your vision and strategy, and your ability to make that actionable. Take this moment and account for what you did last year—the good and bad—and capture what strategies you want to apply this year. What you want to go after and the values you want to uphold while you do it.

Before you go running into the future, take the time to prepare yourself with these steps:

Create Your Year in Review

A big step when setting actionable goals is to digest the last year: Identify what your successes were and what you felt contributed to those. What were the biggest challenges in 2018 and how can you do things differently in 2019?

Once you have laid out a roadmap of the previous year, you’ll have a better idea of what worked for your business, what didn’t, and what may have been missing from your previous way of thinking.

Start Thinking About the Future

Next, articulate the specific initiatives and plans that you want to employ to achieve the goals you have identified. This includes things like specific targets or metrics for revenue or sales, and things like hiring more employees or investing in a marketing team.

Remember to set “SMART” (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-based) goals when putting together your list—a simple planning framework designed to help you create more actionable goals.

Crunch the Numbers

Work with your accountant to forecast your financial goals. After all, numbers are only valuable when you understand what they mean. We can help you translate your numbers into realistic and achievable plans for growth.

If you’d like help coming up with measurable goals for your small business the Blue Sky team is here for you. Let’s get to work and make 2019 your most successful year yet: 289-466-5210.