Why the Lesson of Stewardship is Vital to Entrepreneurial Success

The holidays represent a time of reflection and thankfulness; a time to celebrate our friends and family and practice the gift of giving. For entrepreneurs, that means giving thanks to the people who have been a part of our journey—reminding us that we are stewards of the things we’re blessed with.

This year, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about stewardship. Defined as “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care,” it’s a concept that is integral to small business ownership in many ways.

Personally, I’ve been giving thought to how I can mature my business and its assets into trusts and how I can involve my family in the future development of the Blue Sky brand. Others may consider how their business can better support the community, or the environment. Every company, however, has one valuable resource to protect: its people.

By making people the focus of your stewardship, you’ll find the next steps of growth and development will fall into place like dominoes. When you take care of the people who support your business—your employees, customers, and the loved ones who support you—they’ll not only take care of you, they’ll become stewards in their own right.

It’s proven that people who feel valued and supported feel more emotionally invested in the people they work for and the businesses they support. That means employees will work harder, clients will spend more, and the community will rally around you.

My message this holiday season is to grab hold of your stewardship and invest time into it. No matter where we are in life, or in business, we are all stewards of something and we have a responsibility to look after the opportunities we’ve been given.

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