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6 Tips for Getting Started With Succession Planning for Small Business Owners

Succession planning isn’t the most glamorous topic to think about—it certainly takes the wind out of the young! The end of your involvement in a business is a reality of starting one, so succession planning is something to start thinking about early on. Well begun is half done! Here are six things you need to know about succession planning for your small business:

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4 Things I Would Have Done Differently When Starting My Business

In my first two years as a business owner, I felt like I had achieved an MBA in everything I didn’t know. It was about as expensive, I learned a lot, and became humbled by all of the things that I had yet to learn. Based on my experience as a small business owner, here are four things I would have done differently when I was starting out:

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What Every Small Biz Owner Needs to Know About Succession Planning

If you’re building a small business, there will inevitably come a point when it’s time to start thinking about retirement. You know, when you can finally kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. But who will take over the company once you’re gone?

Will you sell it to the highest bidder? Transfer ownership to an employee? Or maybe pass it down to one of your children?

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