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4 Things I Would Have Done Differently When Starting My Business

In my first two years as a business owner, I felt like I had achieved an MBA in everything I didn’t know. It was about as expensive, I learned a lot, and became humbled by all of the things that I had yet to learn. Based on my experience as a small business owner, here are four things I would have done differently when I was starting out:

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The Ugly Truth About Stress and Entrepreneurship

Stress is an inevitable part of the entrepreneurial life. In small doses it can be a helpful motivator to meet important deadlines, prepare for a big meeting, or just generally “get shit done.” But when stress becomes an everyday constant it can begin to negatively affect both your health and your business in serious ways. One of the ugly truths about entrepreneurship that doesn’t get enough attention (in my opinion), is that stress hits small business owners harder than most.

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How to Beat Holiday Stress (If You’re an Entrepreneur)

Running a small biz is a tough enough gig on its own. Add the holiday season to the mix – with gifts to buy, family get-togethers, and Christmas cooking to do – and many entrepreneurs begin to stress out about how they’ll fit it all in… without letting their business suffer.

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