Financial Planning Inspired by Corporations, Tailored for Small Business Success

Small business owners are typically focused on two things: honing their craft and ensuring that their business is financially compliant. But the financial “must-do list” of running a business can often eclipse the reason why we started our businesses in the first place—especially during tax season.

The Small Business Challenge

Tax and compliance services make up a small part of how an accountant can help small businesses thrive. Unfortunately, the majority of small businesses do not have the resources to invest in corporate-style accounting services that provide financial planning and analysis. But we want to change that.

Since Blue Sky’s inception, it has been my goal to bring this kind of value to the hands of small business owners. I spent 25 years working my way up the corporate ladder, eventually becoming the head of finance and accounting for several companies both large and small. This experience presented me with a high-level view of how businesses work—but, more importantly, it showed me the financial challenges small businesses face.

The Blue Sky Accounting Solution

Planning and analysis—in its simplest form—is used by businesses to evaluate what their mission is, how their strengths will be used to accomplish those goals, and the cost advantages of putting those things into play.

Our financial planning service draws on my personal experience in the corporate world, harnessing the resources of large corporate accounting strategies to help small business owners focus on measuring their effectiveness and delivering on their goals. As part of our offering, we’re able to keep business owners focused on their initiatives and give them a clear understanding of how those efforts can improve their results through thoughtful planning and analysis.

It’s easy to say you need more customers, but at Blue Sky we know that what you really need to know is: what kind of customers you need, and what type of success you need to measure those new connections through. By bringing these tools to small business owners, we can help them make proprietary plans for continued success and map out a path for growth.

Think of us as the “business whisperer.” We know where to look and what questions to ask when assessing the performance of your company.

This is how you take your company forward. Are you ready to take a page out of the corporate playbook? Connect with us and let’s get started.