It’s Time to “Spring Clean” Your Small Biz


It’s Time to “Spring Clean” Your Small Biz Spring has officially sprung! And while you might have plans to clear out the cobwebs and clutter at home, it’s also the perfect time to reset, refresh and spend some time cleaning up your business too.

To help get you started, here’ are a few things you can do to spring clean your small biz and spring into success this season.

Clear Out the Cobwebs

Is your inbox teeming with unread emails? Is your desk littered with post-it notes and paperwork? It can be tough to keep a tidy workspace when you’re a busy entrepreneur, but all that mess and clutter isn’t doing you any favours when it comes to your productivity.

Carve out some time this spring to clear out any of those proverbial cobwebs that are causing disarray in your professional life. A clean and organized workspace will help give you a fresh and focused mindset for those important business tasks and challenges that lie ahead.

Dust Off Your Business Plan

From startup to succession planning, a business plan is an important tool for any entrepreneur. An effective plan will help you prioritize your time and resources, identify opportunities and obstacles, and keep you accountable to your business objectives – whatever they may be.

With a quarter of the year already behind us, now is a good time to take stock of your progress so far and make sure you’re on track to meet your goals for 2017.

Plant Seeds for Success

To drive more sales and grow your business you need to continually cultivate new customers and prospects. But for fresh opportunities to grow you first need to plant the seeds.

Are there any past customers you haven’t worked with in awhile? Check in with them to see how they’re doing and if there are any new projects you can assist them with.

Have satisfied customers that you’re already delivering great value to? Ask them for referrals or see if they’ll write you testimonial you can use in your marketing efforts.

Are you networking? Check out local business meetups and introduce yourself to as many new people as you can, you never know who might have a new business opportunity ripe for harvest. And don’t forget to join us for York Casual Networking at Newmarket’s Unika Lounge the last Wednesday of the month! Find more info here.

Blue Skies Ahead

Spring is a time for renewal and new possibilities, and we hope these tips will help you give your small business a good spring cleaning this season!

If you need an extra hand getting your business plan refreshed, your tax return prepped, or your finances in order we’re here to help. Together we can prep the soil, plant more seeds and get your company on track to grow.

It’s blue skies ahead when you work with us, give us a call and let’s chat: 289-466-5210