How I Became a Serial Entrepreneur


The route to entrepreneurship isn’t always a clear cut path. I was 16 when I started my first business, but back then I never dreamed I'd be building a career as a serial entrepreneur. That first business was more born of necessity than a passion: I wanted a cool car and I needed money to buy it.

But my family had just moved to North Carolina and I had the wrong kind of visa so I couldn’t work. Faced with this dilemma I borrowed an old truck and lawn mower from a neighbour and contributed to the teenage underground economy by starting my own landscaping business.

I wouldn’t return to the world of entrepreneurship until years later when I decided to open up this small business accounting firm in 2011.

Most accountants go to school, finish their designation and then work their way up the ladder at a large firm. Some may reach a senior level they’re content with, others may even make partner, and the rest usually decide to start their own consultancy or burn out along the way.

I went a completely different route.

I studied accounting, economics and finance at North Carolina State, but I didn’t go after my designation – I didn’t care at the time – and instead started out in corporate. I figured it’d be a good perch to get a high-level view of how business works and understand what it’s all about. For the next 25 years I put a suit on every morning and advanced through various corporate roles, ultimately working my way up to a position as manager of finance and analysis for a large company.

I had a great career, but deep down I knew the conventional 9-to-5 path I was on just wasn’t for me.

I started thinking about how I might be able to channel my passions for mathematics and helping others into a pursuit I’d find more professionally fulfilling. Eventually I felt I’d learned enough from Fortune 500 companies that I could share my expertise with entrepreneurs and add value to their small businesses.

It was then that the idea for Blue Sky was born.

When the timing was right to step out on my own I finished my accounting certification, got designation in a field focused on my strengths, and decided to make my entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

It’s been six years since I took that leap and I’ve never looked back. I’ve launched a number of successful business ventures and consider myself something of a serial entrepreneur these days. What’s been truly rewarding though is the opportunity I’ve had to put my skills to use helping other small business owners find success in their own passions.

My point in sharing all this with you is not only to let you know a little more about who I am and where I came from, but also to illustrate that there’s no clear cut path on the journey to achieving your dreams.

Too many people get brainwashed into believing they need to have a certain career or lifestyle that has been dictated for them. The reality is that it’s up to you to take responsibility for the life you want to live.

If you don’t fit into society’s cookie cutter shape then get out there and do your own thing. Give your creativity some wings and let yourself be free. I did it and you can too.

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