Is Your Small Biz Ready for a Financial Controller?


Day-to-day bookkeeping tasks like making sure invoices are sent, bills are paid, and payroll is met on time are, without a doubt, important. But if you really want to ensure the long-term success and stability of your organization, you need someone who can monitor your financial health at a high level and provide guidance and leadership as you grow. You may not know exactly what they do, or that the role even existed, but if your small business is expanding and its financial management needs are growing increasingly complex it may be time to add a financial controller to your team.

The good news is Blue Sky makes it easy to add this much-needed expertise to your organization with our part-time controller and controller-on-call services.

What does a controller do?

A good financial controller will audit your accounting policies and procedures to ensure they’re efficient, set budgets, provide guidance on complex tax and compliance issues, and contribute to the overall financial strategy of your company.

When you work with Blue Sky we’ll take the time to understand how your business operates so we can make sure it stays financial healthy, compliant, and adding the value it’s supposed to.

Are Blue Sky’s services right for me?

Restaurants, professional agencies, roofers, landscapers and industrial companies are just a few examples of the types of organizations that have benefited from our part-time controller and controller-on-call services. Our sweet spot is typically businesses with three or more levels of management (front-line staff, supervisors, and owners/managers) that fall into the $5 million to $25 million annual revenue range.

Every business is unique though. If your company is growing quickly and you could benefit from more high-level financial expertise we can scale our services to your specific needs no matter the size of your organization.

Let’s get to work.

Blue Sky can help fill the “gap” when it comes to your small biz accounting needs without breaking your budget. We’ve crunched the numbers and when you package our controller services alongside other accounting services your business already needs (bookkeeping, tax prep, etc.) your costs average out to as little as $80/per hour.

That’s a lot less than you’d spend on adding another full-time employee to your roster, (especially a business finance expert) once you factor in their salary, benefits and time/money you’ll spend posting a job ad and conducting interviews.

If you’re ready to get back to focusing on your core business, instead of pushing numbers around all day, give us a call and let’s chat about how Blue Sky can help: 289-466-5210.