This 10-Minute Exercise Can Help Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet


The year is winding down and the holiday season is just around the corner. It may be tempting to take a big deep breath and cruise through December on auto-pilot, but now is really the best time to take stock of the lessons you learned this year and formulate a plan of attack so you can hit the ground running in in the new year. Grab yourself a pen and paper and here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Write down three things you accomplished in the past year that you’re proud of. These could be things like growing your team, landing a new client or big project, achieving your revenue goal for in the last quarter, or really anything you consider a “win” for you and your business.
  1. Pick out three things that didn’t go so well in 2016 and add those to the list. These could be situations you think you could have handled better, mistakes you made, or even just things that stressed you out.
  1. Take some time to reflect on what you’ve written down. What actually made these things successes or failures? What lessons can you apply, to ensure repeat the good and avoid the bad when a similar situation arises? How can you grow stronger from these experiences?

Remember: mistakes aren’t something to be scared of. Every “miss” represents an opportunity – because failure is how you learn.

To finish up this little exercise I’d like you to write down three more things: personal ambitions, objectives for your business, or anything you’d like your business to accomplish moving forward.

Think about what you learned from the successes and failures you wrote down and how they relate to these goals for the future.

Hang this list up in a place where you’ll see it every day. Remind yourself of your lessons learned, and your goals for the year ahead. Try to repeat the things that went well and move on from the things that didn’t. Go after your goals with courage. Be fierce and be strong.

Because there’s an awesome year called “2017” coming up and it’s going to be your best one yet.