Four Ways to Get Your Week off to the Right Start

    While many people dread Mondays, most of the small business owners we work with tend to look forward to the possibilities a fresh week brings.
    That said, even the most passionate entrepreneurs can come down with a case of the “Monday Blues” from time to time. If that sounds like you, here are four ways you can make sure your week always gets off to the right start:
  1. Plan your Monday on Friday: To avoid an anxious Monday morning, take some time at the end of your week to prepare a list of the most important tasks that need completing once you return to work. Having a gameplan will help you stay organized and be more productive right from the first sip of your Monday morning coffee.
  1. Get enough sleep and wake up early: Having to go to work when you’re running on only a couple hours of sleep is never fun, but having to face a Monday morning in that state can be especially heinous. Try to get to bed a little early on Sunday night so you’re well-rested and ready to tackle the fresh work week come morning.
  1. Plan something fun: Go ahead and grab a glass of wine with a few colleagues, schedule a date night, or head out to the movies with friends. Whatever your idea of fun is, having something to look forward to after work on can help put you in a positive mood and make Monday go by a little bit quicker.
  1. Hire some extra help: If you constantly dread heading back to the office on Monday there’s likely something stressing you out at work. The Blue Sky team is here to help you accomplish your goals and steer your business towards success. We offer a range of accounting, tax prep, consulting, and controlling services so you can leave the numbers to us and just focus on what you do best – running your business!
    The sky's the limit when you work with Blue Sky Accounting & Management. Give Coleen a call today at 289-466-5210 and let’s get to work on steering your company towards success.