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About Us


Accounting is more than just putting the numbers in the right boxes; it’s about ensuring accountability to your targets for success.

The standard practice of accounting is failing business owners. 

(That’s right, we said it). 

Most accountants are trained to prioritize compliance over success. But at Blue Sky Accounting and Management, we dig deep to help you understand what the numbers really mean, and apply that intelligence to improving your company’s bottom line. 

We’re in the business of helping small business owners grow. 

We do this by holding you accountable to your goals. We use a consultative approach to help you define what your true objectives are. This means first getting to know who you are and what you want to accomplish.

We ask the essential questions:

→ What are the most important aspects of your business? 
→ What are the proprietary assets you offer? 
→ What are the key factors that determine your success? 

After all, these are the currencies that matter most in your business (and your life).

Blue Sky founders and team members have spent decades working corporate careers in private and public accounting. During this time, we couldn’t help noticing the clear gap in what people truly wanted from their accountant, and the service that was being delivered. 

Blue Sky was born out of the belief that clients are looking for a more participative approach to their accounting – one that allows them to reap the same benefits of the analysis and insights that giant corporations have access to, but on a smaller scale. 


Our hands-on approach is designed to not only satisfy your accounting and tax needs, but to help you navigate the specific and unique challenges your business may face. 

This is how we take your business to cloud nine. 

If you do everything the same way everyone else does, you’ll achieve the same results. Your proprietary value is based on how you are special, and we work with you to find out what that is. 

Once we’ve collected the information we need, we can interpret this data and apply it to complete your compliance filing. But more importantly, we can use it to offer a clear understanding of the ways your company measures up to your expectations. 

Are you truly building your business the way you always imagined? 

Let’s find out. We’re here to empower you to grow your business. The next step is yours. 


"Best accounting team I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I actually enjoy tax time because of them."

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